Wilson Lake Inn & Suites Wilton/Farmington, Maine - Wilton, Maine, ME 04294, United States
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Vicky, Laurie, Debbie, Lisa and Cassidy


The Wilson Lake Inn strives to provide impeccably clean lodging accommodations at competitive rates for business and leisure travelers. We offer thoughtful amenities complemented by friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere. We work to build upon the fine reputation of Wilson Lake Inn through continuous upgrades and improvements of the facility.


The management and staff operate with the highest professional standards in all relationships with our guests, staff, suppliers, and our community.  Maintain the highest level of professional service that caters to the needs of our guests and always work to exceed their expections.  Foster a friendly and cooperative atmosphere that creates a good working environment for our employees.

Wilson Lake Inn & Suites Wilton/Farmington, Maine
183 Lake Road
Wilton, Maine, ME 04294, United States
Call: +1 207.645.3721 I +1 800.626.7463


Wilson Lake Inn & Suites Wilton, ME USA

A peaceful, secluded setting awaits you at Wilson Lake Inn. Experience the scenic beauty which surrounds the motel centrally located in Maine’s Western Lakes and Mountains Region on the shore of beautiful Wilson Lake.