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Skye Theater Performing Arts Center, ME

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South Carthage, ME only 7 miles from Wilson Lake Inn

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High atop Winter Hill, at the end of a narrow winding dirt road in the Western Mountains of Maine is an unlikely setting for some of the World's finest Celtic Musicians and dancers to perform. But here it is near Wilson Lake Inn. 

Skye Theatre Performing Arts Center is a work in progress, the dream of Phill and Jan McIntyre. "The Skye", as everyone calls it, is a 250 seat concert hall located in rural So. Carthage, Maine. Currently hosting over 60 concerts per year. The concert hall is always buzzing with activity. Hospitality is it's stock in trade.

Skye Theatre is the only theater in New England built specifically for Celtic music. Top named artists from all parts of the Celtic World come here to play, sing, and dance to an always appreciative audience. Shows are well attended and the space is very intimate with a great sound system.

Skye Theatre specializes in mid-week dates and often are able to book artists with other venues throughout New England. In 2012 alone Skye will partner just under 200 events in the region. Widely recognized as innovator Skye hosts a 45 minute jam session where audience members bring their instruments for a pre-show jam session prior to each show. The artists will normally play with in the jam session for a few minutes, which adds greatly to the total experience.

Concerts every Wednesday, February thru December and on many Sundays throughout the Summer.

Call 1-207-562-4445 to reserve your concert tickets

Click on link for schedule: http://www.necelticarts.com for schedules